Experience reports by agricultural contractors using original Busatis parts:

Krone "Supplier of the year 2010+2011+2013"


Timo Mücke, agricultural contractor, Reppen (Germany)

Thanks to the valuable experience of using Busatis cutting components, we picked up our new Krone forage harvester not until it had been exclusively equipped with Busatis cutting components.

Andreas Ruge, agricultural contractor, Odderade (Germany)

I have only gained good experience with Busatis cutting components in BiG X 1100. I am able to cut 1,800 hectares of corn or more per season with a single knife set. In addition, I continuously acquire new customers due to excellent cutting quality. This is why my BiG X 1100 is equipped with Busatis cutting components.

Gerhard Höhe, agricultural contractor, Untergriesbach (Germany)

We use two Krone forage harvesters BiG X 650 on the same field, but they are equipped with different cutting components. In the silo it became apparent that Busatis cutting components achieved a much better cutting quality. We are also very satisfied with the performance of Busatis cutting components in our John Deere forage harvesters.

John Deere "Achieving Excellence" – " 14 Years Partner Supplier"



Wilhelm Luger, agricultural contractor & farmer,
Berg near Phyrafeld (Austria)

We have been using our John Deere forage harvesters
quipped with Dura Line* wear parts for many years.
We did not suspect that little wear
like this was possible.

They are great.

The excellent cutting quality and the long service life
are crucial to the fact that we equip our forage harvesters
with Busatis cutting components only.

*Busatis Technology


Claas "Supplier of the Year 2004+2013"


Josef Altenbuchner, agricultural contractor, Hochburg/Ach (Austria)

Equipped with Busatis cutting components, our Claas forage harvesters deliver high performance and excellent cutting quality harvesting grass and corn.
Thanks to the expert advice Busatis gave us, we were able to change the handling in service, leading to an additional increase of service life.

Johann Wiesenhofer, agricultural contractor, Gresten (Austria)

We very much appreciate Busatis cutting components in our Claas forage harvesters.
During several tests we used Busatis corn knives with other corn knives in the same machine at the same time.

In terms of similar performance, handling, and conditions during use, the cutting edge of the Busatis knives performed better. Busatis knives have an excellent self-sharpening effect.

New Holland "Qualitas"


Olaf Meyer, agricultural contractor,
Wasserleben (Germany)

I did not have any problems harvesting
3,000 hectares of corn with my New Holland
FR forage harvester only using one set of
Busatis knives and one side of Busatis shear bars.