October 20, 2022

Erich Wenighofer received Anton Benya award

Erich Wenighofer, apprentice trainer at Busatis GmbH, received the renowned Anton Benya award from PRO-GE (Austrian trade union for production workers) for his achievements. The award is named after Anton Benya (1912 - 2001), president of the OeGB (Austrian Federation of Trade Unions) and of the Nationalrat (National Council) in Austria, and has been awarded to deserving people in skilled work and apprenticeship training in Austria for 20 years.

Erich Wenighofer has been with Busatis GmbH since 1975. He has been training young skilled workers in the company since 1989. He has broken new, innovative grounds in apprenticeship training and has always been open to new challenges. “Encourage, challenge, but don't demand too much” is his motto for working with apprentices. He supervised 180 apprentices on their way to becoming skilled workers. “All of them successfully completed their final apprenticeship examination, many with excellent or good results,” Wenighofer proudly says. Busatis apprentices win titles at provincial apprenticeship competitions again and again. “It has been and will always be important to me to give young people the best tools for their job, both professionally and personally,” Wenighofer says.


The fact that Busatis company received the Austrian National Coat of Arms as a state-approved apprenticeship company in 2019 is also due to the commitment of Erich Wenighofer. At the award ceremony, the apprentice trainer thanked his boss, Busatis managing director Christoph Jordan, for his trust and support.


Apprenticeship training at Busatis is one of the reasons of the company’s success. In 2011, Busatis was Austria’s best training company up to 250 employees, and in 2019, it received the state award as training company. In the past ten years, Busatis apprentices have won five competitions on provincial level. Especially in times of digitization, the management focuses on professional as well as personal further training of employees. Apprentices remain at Busatis after finishing their training, may develop individual skills and become future managers and supervisors.