Busatis GmbH Company Fire Brigade

The Company Fire Brigade is a ”voluntary fire service” that was founded in 1940, and consists of approximately 40 persons (active and reserve).

Duties and responsibilities

The main focus of the fire brigade is preventive fire protection in the entire facility as well as:

  • establishing and updating fire escape plans
  • testing and maintenance of all fixed extinguisher and water supply installations
  • testing and maintenance of all portable fire extinguishers (110 pieces)
  • regular testing and maintenance of fire alarms
  • informing and training all co-workers in the handling of extinguishers
Company Fire Brigade



Equipment for fire fighting and technical operations:


  • automatic alarm system
  • 2 high pressure pumps
  • submersible pump
  • water cannon
  • medium and heavy duty foam equipment
  • heavy duty breathing equipment
  • oil seal
  • pneumatic canal locks
  • fire service radio communication



The Company Fire Brigade is currently being led by Manfred Ebenführer (commander), Franz Etlinger (deputy commander) and Erich Wenighofer (administrator).